Planetary Pirouette

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Astrology Readings Inspired By The Cosmic Dance

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Schedule a Reading

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Accurate astrological consultations depend on precise birth information.

To schedule a reading, please include your:

  • Date of birth (month/day/year)
  • Place of birth (city/state and country of birth if born outside of the United States)
  • Accurate birth time
  • City/state and country you currently live in

When I ask for the current city/state or country you live in, I'm referring to the city/state or country you would write as a return address on an envelope if you were mailing a letter to a friend.

If you aren't certain about your birth time, unfortunately I cannot conduct a reading for you at this time. Accurate birth times may be found on birth certificates, baby books, family bibles, or by contacting the hospital you were born at to see if they still have the time on record.

After scheduling, you will receive an invoice for payment via email. The invoice must be paid in full before the scheduled reading date.

About the Astrologer

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Tara and her familiar, Winston

Tara is a second generation astrologer born in Miami, FL currently living in the Seattle, WA area.

After nearly 25 years of study, she began giving readings for clients across the country. Encouraged by the success of those early readings, she subsequently founded The Pittsburgh Astrological Association to help bring astrology to the local community.

One day Tara had a clear vision of a black and white ballerina perched atop a planet accompanied by the phrase "Planetary Pirouette" in bold letters. She took this image of humans mixing and mingling with the rhythms of the planets---with art and joy and dance woven in---as an important message for how to live and work (and give readings).

Having the privilege of giving hundreds of readings for friends, family, and clients, she considers it a sacred honor to help others on their journey of self-discovery. As a spiritual seeker and a frequent experiencer of change, Tara offers empathetic insights and guidance into how one can utilize the stars to best navigate life. ~Portrait by Taylor Stefanko


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You can reach Tara at with any questions.

Find a list of Tara's recommended astrology resources at the Pittsburgh Astrology Association's Bookshop page.